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 Scientific heritage and history

Lviv region is third in number of scientific organizations in Ukraine, it is an ancient scientific center in Europe. Kerosene was invented here, the first effective vaccine in the world for the typhus epidemic was discovered here.
American journal “R&D Magazine” put the inventions of Lviv’s scientists together with inventions of NASA to the rating “Top 100 best developments in the world”.
Around 40 research and development institutes and scientific-research design institutes are situated in Lviv.
KPMG recognized Lviv as a top emerging IT-BPO destination in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The newly constructed Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, which is only 7 km from the city center, makes air travel easy. There are daily flights from Warsaw, Vienna, and Kyiv.map1There are more than 70 hotels, 40 of which boast 3–5 stars.
Total guest room capacity in 4&5 star hotels is over 1,000 rooms.
There is a range of conference halls with the largest of which accommodates 2,000 people.
Lviv boasts unique venues for the meetings & events, including lots of historical buildings.

Price and value

You will be surprised how far your budget will stretch in Lviv. Services will be of European level but for Ukrainian prices.
You can have a fine dinner in a nice restaurant just for 10 euro. Lviv is one of the least expensive major cities in the world.

Europe’s Last Hidden Gem

The charm of Lviv is catching and can transform one’s mood from the moment of arrival. The Lonely Planet ranked Lviv in the TOP 10 best destinations in Europe in 2016.
And The Telegraph recommends Lviv as 5 in the top 12 of new exciting destinations to fly in 2018 and describes it, “the city has an easy-going, almost frivolous air, filled with university students, embellished by its frothy confection of Renaissance, Baroque, Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau buildings and scented with aromas from its hundreds of Viennese style coffee houses.”

Young and educated city

Each 5th citizen of Lviv is a student. Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (1661) is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe and the first university in Ukraine.
Educational institutions of Lviv are in the top ratings of the most recognized educational institutions in Ukraine.
There are 33 institutions of higher education which gives Lviv its reputation of a city with high level of education.