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Dear colleagues,

We are grateful for your attendance of The XIXth Middle-European Buiatrics Congress.
Thank you very much for sharing your ideas and experience. We appreciate you for taking the time and effort to contribute.
We certainly hope that the congress has been all that you had expected it to be and participants had the opportunity to make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

It is an honor for us to hold The Nineteenth Middle-European Buiatrics Congress in Lviv. This is the international event that unites scientists all around the world. We are very fortunate to have a large group of well-known experts in their respective fields participated in our Congress. Their involvement resulted in our very successful workshops, oral and poster sessions.

We deeply appreciate our International Committee:

Walter Baumgartner (Austria)
Tomas Wittek (Austria)
Marko Samardzija (Croatia)
Ozren Smolec (Croatia)
Josef Illek (Czech Republic)
Klaus Doll (Germany)
Alexander Starke (Germany)
Martin Höltershinken (Germany)
Otto Szenci (Hungary)
Arcangelo Gentile (Italy)
Przemyslaw Sobiech (Poland)
Krzysztof Kubiak (Poland)
Krzysztof Niemczuk (Poland)
Ivan Amon (Slovenia)
Jože Starič (Slovenia)
Pavol Mudroň (Slovak Republic)
Susana Astiz Blanco (Spain)
Vasyl Vlizlo (Ukraine)

The Middle-European Buiatrics Congress 2019 took place with the attendance of more than two hundred people from 15 countries. During the Congress, 44 oral and 43 poster presentations were made.

We also thank our sponsors and congress staffs who contributed the grants for Ukrainian participants.